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Pure as Light, Light as Air [entries|friends|calendar]
A Rating Comunity for those with Eating Disorders

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[06 Jul 2005|05:37pm]

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NEW TO EDR [06 Jul 2005|09:19am]


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[02 Jul 2005|01:35pm]

alirte this comunity is dead.
we're going to delete it if people dont get active.

♥ ajay
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[25 Jun 2005|06:06pm]

i made a new thing for our user info.

its called a contest.

and it'll change every month.

check out the contest for the month of july...

good luck!!

also ladies,

i made a great new comunity on my other username.

title or description
♥First 20 applicants are auto accepted!! There are only 10 spots left!!! So hurry and get a spot!!♥
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Locked Community [21 May 2005|10:23am]

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[07 May 2005|09:51pm]

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